Be there plague about? #Living history

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAMistress Agnes will be saddling her horse and heading eastwards tonight to share some of her herbal cures with the good ladies of Georgeham. We do hear that there be plague abroad. Time methinks for Mistress Hannah Wolley’s remedy. She doth recommend taking 1lb each of rue, rosemary, sage, sorrel, celandine, mugwort, the tops of red brambles, pimpernel, wild dragon, agrimony, balsm, and angelica. Once gathered, do fill the pot with white wine and leave to steep for four days before distilling. Now all we do need is a monstrous cauldron to fit 12lb of herbs within.

(From Wolley, Hannah The Compleat Servant-maid: or, the young maiden’s and family’s daily companion 2010 Gale ECCO Print (9th edition 1719) p. 46 .)





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