Mistress Agnes in the Herb Garden


Mistress Agnes has heard tell that it be National Gardens Week. She hast been out tending her herbs. If anyone be unwell in the area, she can advise; her tinctures be greatly preferable to the more invasive ‘cures’ that Master Christopher may inflict. She hath a new receipt book, which doth provide a wonderous cure, advocated by Dr. Lower, for Master Christopher’s most common ailment.


To drive away all wind fleamge, crudities and indigestions from ye stomach

Take of fiera-picra (made of aloes and canella bark) 2 drams, of ye topps of centaury, & wormwood of each two pugill (handfuls), steepe them in a pint of Brandy till it becomes of a reddish colour then take two spoonfuls at night & two in ye morning.

She be making up vast quantities in preparation for their forthcoming journey to Birmingham. She has heard tell that it be a wool and leather-making town of some 3000 persons, where some new metal working trades be setting up.

[Recipe from an unpublished manuscript: original in Totnes Museum]




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