Busy Times for Swords and Spindles

Mistress Agnes and Master Christopher are resting the donkey after their long journey home from Birmingham. Meanwhile, Sir Francis has been sitting at home supping fine wine and as for Mistress Mary, she remains her secretive self, although we hope to tempt her into public view shortly.

Swording and Spindling is entering a busy phase. We are looking forward to spending a day in the seventeenth century on Saturday at the incomparable Poundstock Gildhouse. We could squeeze in a few more participants if you get in touch straight away – ideal for family and local historians and those wanting to know more about life in the time of Mistress Agnes and co.. Enquiries and bookings have been tumbling in from schools who would like us to introduce their pupils to our particular brand of entertainment. Do they know what they are letting themselves in for?

Strange items are arriving via the carrier daily but still no sword for Master Christopher. I think the word got out that he is short of groats and the swordsmith is claiming that they are ‘out of stock’. Hmmm. Master Christopher is looking for folk in need of a swift operation, or a pulling of the mumblepins, in return for crossing his palm with the necessary silver.

Folk are kindly supporting us and spreading the word that we are up and running – some are following us on Facebook and Twitter @swordsspindles – not that we know what they are. It pleases Mistress Agnes to think she be popular, so do head over and ‘like’ or follow us. A warning for potential followers – we have no idea where this will lead you! Can we get to 100 Twitter followers in our first 6 weeks?

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