Pole Dancing Mistress Agnes Style

MaypoleMistress Agnes be up with the lark this morn, gathering flowers for May-day garlands, no one has had the heart to tell her that this is an activity meant for young, unmarried ladies. She hopes to dance round a few more maypoles before the arthritiks do get the better of her, or maypoles are banned by the Parliamentarians. Oft times she do like a trip to Padstow to see the ‘obby ‘oss but with so many other travels hither and yon, sadly that is not to be this year.

The good folk of Chagford treated us well last night, in another appropriate setting. There was a slight mishap with our journey in that someone seemed to have built a new section of that highway modern folk do call the A30, since our twenty-first (or should that be twentieth) century sat-nav was updated. We do in fact have a shiny new sat-nav but that was attached to the other horse.

Next we be venturing to Plymouth for Plymouth Local Studies Day. Master Christopher is wary of this journey as he has heard tell that some folk be for Parliament down that way. There is however good news on the sword front. I know not how he raised the groats – and probably best not to enquire – but a message has come through that the carrier be on his way this very day. It seems Mistress Agnes can track the progress of the sword as it wends its way towards her cottage. I trust the carrier’s pony be swift and he be not waylaid by footpads. Master Christopher will be relieved to have protection when he ventures into Parliamentarian territory.

With grateful thanks to Medieval Weaponry.

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