Mistress Agnes does the Cleaning and other Matters

You may wonder why it has seemed a little quiet on the Swords and Spindles front lately. Some of our folk have been abroad in Weston Super Mare. In fact, when spied beside the seaside, Mistress Agnes appeared to have let her hair down and removed her coif – quite scandalous for lady of her mature years. I think she was hoping to encounter some soldiers, who might have been deluded into thinking she was a catch – only if they’d consumed a quantity of ale methinks. Having failed to snare her man in Somerset, she then repaired to Barnstaple, without the guiding hand, or sword, of Master Christopher to protect her from passing Parliamentarians. There she regaled the ladies of the Soroptimists with tales of her life and times.


Now returned home to her cottage she is busy scrubbing and cleaning before the arrival of some younger folk who reside in the Swords and Spindles world occasionally. When we have painted their portraits we will tell you more. She has hauled holly bushes down her chimney, put fresh rushes on the floor and strewed herbs to take away the odour of her chickens. She has buffed up her pewter (which looks remarkably like that which Sir Francis mislaid) with pewterwort and is now off to pluck a goose to renew the feathers in her duster. After that it will be a reviving mug of lemon balm tea as Swords and Spindles are gearing up for a busy time entertaining school folk once the exam season is finished.

2 thoughts on “Mistress Agnes does the Cleaning and other Matters

  1. Buffing up your pewter with pewterwort, aka Horsetail may give it a good shine but it is a diuretic and has lots of contraindications. As children we used to love pulling the sections apart, such innocent pastimes we had, wet beds ( not mine!) were blamed on dandelions but perhaps it was the horsetails.
    Sorry did not get to BBHG but Jennie and I spent all day laying a patio, crawled into bed with satisfaction and paracetamol.


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