Mistress Agnes and Master Christopher have their Portrait Painted

A few weeks ago, via that strange means that modern folk do call Facebook, a ‘portrait painter’ sought those who travel in time to take part in a photography project. Mistress Agnes was especially keen. Master Christopher, having what be known as a ‘character’ face, is oft times sought after by portrait painters but in Mistress Agnes such character do be called ‘wrinkles’. Despite copious applications of lady’s mantle she has failed to restore youth to her features and to be honest, it is pretty tricky to make Mistress Agnes look even vaguely respectable. With Master Christopher’s distinctive look as bait, Mistress Agnes sent the carrier pigeon to enquire whether they would be suitable. The three hundred miles between Swords and Spindles land and our benefactor were fortunately overcome by Mistress A’s need to travel north for other purposes and an appointment was made for a ‘shoot’. This worried Master Christopher somewhat – should he bring his musket? In the end he settled for his trusty sword – you never know who you might meet so far from home.

Hitching up the nearest pony, Master Christopher and Mistress Agnes set off on their long journey. The magnificent Mistress Jo greeted our weary travellers with enthusiasm and indeed a welcome beverage. An amazing afternoon was to follow as Mistress A and Master C posed together and separately, with swords, baskets and chairs in various attitudes. Strange looking candles and lamps were lit to create different moods. Mistress Jo took time to get to know our pair and to understand what makes their characters (characters? – doesn’t she know we are real?) tick. Straight away, the witchcraft was able to reveal the incredible results. When editing is complete more of the results will appear on our website. In the meantime here is a taster.

If you be folk who inhabit the past and you desire a portrait, you can do no better than to go to the wonderous Mistress Jo, who wrought miracles a-plenty for us. Or book a session for your nearest and dearest – a Christmas present for someone who doth have everything – just hurry up before the pesky Puritans ban Christmas.

For more on Jo Rutherford’s work and her Alter Ego Project, check her website.


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