Swords and Spindles in Eyam

DSCF2603A number of Swords and Spindles characters risked life, limb and liberty to visit Eyam today. We came from the east and from the west, across the beautiful Peak District countryside to forgather in this Derbyshire village. We were expecting to be turned away as we had heard tell they do have the pestilence, caught from fleas hiding in a bale of cloth that be sent up from London. Master Christopher knows naught of fleas, do they not know that it is miasmas that be to blame? His surgery kit had nothing to offer for plague victims, beyond a knife to lance the boils. Mistress Agnes has herbal cures to offer if she can only gather the plants she needs. Mistress Martha is clutching her Tuzzy Muzzy and Young Master Edward a stout stick, as we approach with trepidation. Word has got out that the brave Reverend Mompesson has sealed the village so none many leave, in order to protect the surrounding area from this dread disease. We enter the village with ease, will be allowed to return home?

DSCF2606What a joy to find the village is full of folk, young and old, from our own time. It is said they be practicing a play, to be performed this week. Let us hope that those of the Puritan persuasion do not get to hear of such levity.

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