Swords and Spindles Venture Forth

DSCF2618It is that time of year, when the school examinations are over and teachers are keen that we should entertain the young folk in their charge. You can tell that we are in busy mode as piles of equipment are mounting up in Mistress Agnes’ cottage. We have gathered together musket, pike and Master Christopher’s new sword. Sir Francis has packed up his instruments of torture, about which the less said the better – just don’t get on the wrong side of him. We are prepared to combat plague and fire and run the gauntlet of groups of hormonal teenagers – we cant wait!

Talking of equipment, regular readers (and believe me there are some) may remember that Master Christopher was having some issues trying to obtain permission to take his barber surgeon’s equipment on board ship. After an exchange of numerous emails (someone had to explain to Mistress Agnes that this was nothing  to do with chain mail) it seems that common sense (sense it may be, common it isn’t) has prevailed. We are just hoping that the powers that be dont whisk Master Christophers belongings into a hold from which they never return.

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