News from Swords and Spindles’ Maternity Ward


In the depths of Darkest Devon a whole army of little people have been appearing. Master Arthur has been procreating in his workshop and we now have a whole family of beautiful stump dolls. Not that they were called that in Mistress Agnes’ time. Then they would be known as poppets or babies. Some do call them Bartholomew Babies as they be sold at St. Bartholomew’s Fair in London on August 24th. London be a bit of a long way for Mistress Agnes’ pony, so she did ask Master Arthur to oblige. That makes these Bideford babies. They might also have been used as teethers (or champing trees). Young Master Edward has been having a bit of trouble with his new mumblepins so one of these will be just the thing. For those who wish an herbal cure, Mistress Mary doth recommend the camomile tea for those who be teething.

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