Hot news from Swords and Spindles

Uffculme 4 Flash in the pan
A Flash in the Pan for Master Christopher

’Twas the hottest day of the year and who but Swords and Spindles folk would be donning woollen petticoats bodices and britches? Our welcome from the staff and students of Uffculme School was as warm as the weather and we chatted of pestilence, fire and household matters. Pupils tried on armour and seventeenth century clothing – why should we be the only ones to be glowing we thought? Sir Francis beheaded a few miscreants, Master Christopher ‘cured’ various ailments and Mistress Agnes got hotter and hotter. On the field of battle, we mustered a wonderous pike-block, although some recruits clearly needed more training and Sir Francis threatened to turn his coat and join the other side. The next day we got to do it all again and who would have thought that this day would be hotter still! We were in danger of being rather too realistic in the aroma department. Uffculme 10 Sir Francis and axeNonetheless we persevered, helped in our endeavours by the sustaining fare from the school canteen – pastries for breakfast, what an excellent plan! Thanks to Mistress Andrea we have portraits to remind us of what a great couple of days we had:- lovely pupils, lovely staff, lovely food, lovely time – see you next year.

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