Mistress Agnes prepares for life on the High Seas


As some will know, Master Christopher has got a posting as a ship’s surgeon and Mistress Agnes, not trusting him on the high seas alone, will be accompanying him. They be packing their panniers and will shortly be saddling up for the journey to the port. Mistress Agnes is not looking forward to a diet of salt beef, ship’s biscuits and hard-tack. As a hardened seaman, Master Christopher should be fine but Mistress Agnes is a little concerned about sea-sickness and is taking plenty of wormwood and pennyroyal. She would take ginger but it be vastly more groats than she can afford. Pennyroyal also be good for purifying the drinking water, though in truth, Mistress A. prefers sticking to small beer when she can.

Master Christopher has put his surgeon’s kit together and is hoping that all the messages that have been penned back and forth will see him safely past customs and security and more to the point, safely back home again, complete with clyster syringe. If anyone is feeling unwell he will be happy to oblige with one of his gruesome gentle remedies. To be honest, headache sufferers would be better off with Mistress Agnes and her fennel.

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