The Strange World of Swords and Spindles – a new take on historical sources

Hast been a most busy week in the world of Swords and Spindles. First a foray into the times of the Great Fire of London, when our young audience nobly dressed in costume of our time. We did have Roman soldiers, evacuees and every historical period in between, with Alice in Wonderland thrown in but ‘A’ for effort I think. A great game of human Nine Men’s Morris was played to the delight of the ‘counters’.

Then it was time for ‘Life in the Times of Guy Fawkes’. Master Christopher inadvertently shot the teacher but that be another story. Amongst other things, we made butter, opened a seventeenth century hat shop, practiced our bowing and wielded pikes. No period costume on the part of our audience this time but some monstrous strange conversations.

Mistress Agnes to class of 6 year olds who have been studying the Gunpowder Plot: ‘How do you think I know what people wore in the 1600?’ (hoping for an answer like ‘paintings’ or ‘letters’ but willing to settle for ‘internet’ or ‘book’).

6 year old to Mistress Agnes: ‘Ketchup’ – be this the latest historical ‘sauce’?

It be one of those days when you do wonder what planet you do be on.

One thought on “The Strange World of Swords and Spindles – a new take on historical sources

  1. Perhaps the child meant “ketchup tv”, a well known “sauce” of all things historical. Lovely to have you back, I so enjoyed your epic Canadian journey with non of the expense or angst of actually going but also sadly without any of the memories.


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