The King’s Men Entertain

imagesWe hear tell that The King’s Men be in town, touring as they be to avoid the pestilence in London. ’Tis always hard for strolling players in times of plague as none do wish to gather for fear of infection. We know not which hostelry will be host to their performance but be assured that Sir Francis will have a preferential seat as they do bring us the works of that scribbler Will Shakespeare. It maybe that the mayor and corporation of Barnstaple will be first to be entertained in Barnstaple Guildhall. Will the more lowly folk of Swords and Spindles world get to witness the fun? And which of Will’s plays might we see? The tragedy of Othello or As you Like it mayhap. We be keeping a sharp eye on Mistress Abigail who has threatened to run off with a strolling player. More on Will’s visit to our area can be found here.

We do offer presentations about life in the times of Will Shakeshaft should schools, history groups or other folk wish to learn more.


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