Looking Forward to Celebrating World Book Night

The good folk of Birmingham have been duly entertained for Who Do You Think You Are? Live at the NEC, where Mistress Agnes told tales of cookery, laundry and other household tasks and Master Christopher cured a few headaches and pains in the mumblepins.

Photograph by Debbie Kennett
CfhXTeDW4AEcJ7f.jpg large
Photograph by Who Do You Think You Are? Live publicity team

They have now returned from the depths of the Midlands and are gearing up for a busy time with other members of the Swords and Spindles team. Apart from entertaining young folk on many an occasion, they will be hither and yon in the west country and beyond. Their next outing will be to Walter Henry’s Bookshop in Bideford where they will be depicting folk from the time of Will Shakeshaft in honour of World Book Night on 23rd April. As they don’t keep late hours, this will actually be in the afternoon!

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