Swords and Spindles at Home and Away

cw 084It has been a busy couple of weeks for the inhabitants of Swords and Spindles world. We’ve entertained young folk from small to medium sized, shot a few, chopping off limbs and extinguished Great Fires of London.We’ve worked with some wonderful students and staff, which is always a pleasure. On a day when Mistress Agnes was not required she was excited to receive a portrait of Master Christopher on her digital carrier pigeon before his horse had returned him home.

The next month sees us engaging with adults in far flung counties (well far flung by our standards), whilst the schools buckle under the examination season. So, if you are in Lincolnshire or Northamptonshire, check out our events page. By the end of June it will be all systems go and back to the young people, with a very busy last month of the school term. We already have several bookings for the 2016-7 school year; if you want us to entertain you on a specific date, reserve it now to avoid disappointment.

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