Master Christopher meets the Earl of Moray

420 Edinburgh Castle 29 May 2016Master Christopher is taking a well earned break before the busy season starts next week, with folk old and young to be entertained. Strangely he be north of the border, ask not how his horse feels after the many miles he has travelled. Master Christopher heard that the horses of that odious rogue Oliver Cromwell were stabled nearby in Rosslyn Chapel, so he hastened to Edinburgh Castle to seek refuge. There, by dint of time travel, he encountered the Earl of Moray. ’Tis the year 1314 and Sir Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray has been charged with recapturing the castle from English occupation. ’Twas a task fraught with difficulty but the resourceful Sir T (a friend of Sir Francis mayhap?) took the son of a former castle governor down to the ale house and persuaded him to reveal a secret path so he could lead a small force up the rock face and take the castle from within, whilst a diversionary force was at the gate.

Master Christopher admires Sir Thomas’ weaponry, his chain mail, helmet and a fiendish looking mace. This is fine for use by those of the church, who of course are prohibited from shedding blood – that, after all, is how Master C ended up as a barber surgeon. The churchmen can wield maces and bash out the brains of the enemy without a qualm. Master Christopher resolves to acquire a helmet just like Sir T’s, failing to grasp how little he will see of the enemy. Having left armour, musket and sword at home, Master Christopher decides not to linger in case he gets caught in the crossfire, in any case he is not fully aware of which side he is on. A hasty retreat is beaten.

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