Swords and Spindles Visit the Good Folk of Holsworthy

Today Swords and Spindles were on display in the Port Town of Holsworthy, rubbing shoulders with the Portreeve and talking to the yeomen (and yeowomen) of that place. Tales were told of Courts Leet, the First World War (we know not what that be) and the cattle market. There were wonderous vittals and several folk parted with groats in exchange for Mistress Agnes’ words of wisdom about her time (odd that as she can neither read nor write). In truth, the vittals be most welcome as we have to build up our strength in preparation for five school visits in ten days, along with a trip to the shire of Northampton to talk to folk of more mature years. Should you be from that place and be suffering from an imbalance of your humours, fear not; Master Christopher will be on hand for consultations.Holsworthy History Day June 2016

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