The Adventures of Master Christopher’s Hat

Jo Rutherford Photography_-13 3
Photography by Jo Rutherford

A fortnight ago Master Christopher and his hat, set forth from Darkest Devon to ease the ills of the good folk of Northamptonshire. He duly ‘cured’ all comers and then headed home in his horseless carriage, with Mistress Agnes in tow. Three days later he was called upon to entertain young folk nearer to home. He cast his eyes about for his hat but it was nowhere to be found. It is indeed a splendid hat, complete with essential bay leaf. Without said hat and more particularly the bay leaf, Master Christopher is vulnerable to lightening strike, devils and witches. With trepidation he embarked upon several days of shooting children without his precious hat. Was he struck by lightening? No but he was obviously bewitched as he left his swords behind, neglected, in the playground (ok, so that was actually Mistress Agnes’ fault but why spoil a good story with the truth).

The search began for the recalcitrant hat. Master Christopher searched high, he searched low. He doth communicate with the hostelry in Northampton where he had set up his operating theatre. They denied all knowledge of his hat. Despondent, Mistress Agnes did get on that witchcraft called the internet and asked Mistress Angela if Master Christopher’s audience might have retrieved his hat but no. Mistress Angela used that modern device known as the telephone and shDSCF3194e too enquired at the hostelry. Behold and lo! The hat was found. The revered Mistress Angela did retrieve said hat and sent it on its way by carrier back to Darkest Devon. Master Christopher is now relieved to be reunited with his hat and to be safe from the idiosyncrasies of the summer weather and from bewitchment.

With grateful thanks to Mistress Angela.



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