Tales of Rats and Preventing Plague

This handsome lookiRat 2ng rat hath found its way into the world of Swords and Spindles. We be not affeared as they have many uses in our time. Modern folk be shouting plague but we know that be nothing to do with rats. We have nought to concern us as we be safe from plague. Mistress Mary has her Tuzzy Muzzy and Sir Francis his pomander. Pomanders are not for lowly folk of course; we have too few groats for oranges and cloves. Mistress Agnes is putting faith in the Abracadabra charm, though she does have a stone with a hole in as well, for extra protection. She is recommending that Master Christopher do take up pipe smoking as ’tis well know that that do ward off the pestilence. He says that be for posh folk like the lads at Eton who are beaten for risking disease by not smoking enough.  He would rather carry an extract from John’s gospel, not that he can read it of course, it could be Mistress Abigail’s shopping list for all he knoweth. And as for Mistress Abigail, she’s heard that burning brimstone be a goodly plan. Doest any have brimstone for this purpose?

Swords and Spindles bring the plague era to life in their Plague and Pestilence session. This can be adapted for all ages groups, including adults. It is suitable for schools, history groups and living history sessions at heritage days and fairs.

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