Master Christopher’s Media Storm

Jo Rutherford Photography_-13 3
Alter Ego Portraits by Jo Rutherford

What is it about Master Christopher that doth attract the media in many forms, several of which aren’t actually invented in his time. He is soon due to adorn your television screens, albeit briefly. We will attempt to give you prior warning so that you can tune in, or indeed tune out, as so desired. He is to recite poetry on a CD, unlikely I know but they were looking for a Devon accent that fulfilled this brief: ‘His very utterance, indeed, is musical: his voice being of that full, rich, unctuous tone to which at all times it is pleasing to listen, and so invariably suggestive of a sunny and generous disposition.’ Doth this sound like the Master C that we know and love? His visage adorns the walls of a local art gallery and today he received another request for a  portrait that was graciously granted. Much of this activity is outside our normal time frame but illustrates the versatility of the good Master.

Swords and Spindles staff are available for historical presentations of all kinds. We will even let you paint as many portraits of Master Christopher as you like if you ask nicely!


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