Mistress Agnes Stirs her Cauldron

CauldronMistress Agnes’ latest acquisition is a very fine cauldron. She is all set to stir her pottage, so called because she doth cook it in a pot! She will be flinging in whatever is in season and adding anything the good master can poach acquire. Plenty of pease pottage (hot and cold) as dried peas do store so well. ’Twill also come in handy when Sir Francis demonstrates cooking methods in the time of Great Fire and Plague, not that he does any cooking himself you understand, though he doth consume much rich food and fortified wine. Never fear, Mistress Mary has a cure for gout. It does involve a poultice of cuckoo-pint and hot ox dung (that be the dung that be hot not the ox you understand) but I am sure we will cope with the aroma.

Swords and Spindles offer presentations on cooking and the herbals cures of their time. Sir Francis’ attempts to put out the Great Fire of London are not to be missed.

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