Exciting Announcement – A Chance to Enter the World of Swords and Spindles

DSCF2355Would you like to encounter Master Christopher on a dark night (or even an October day)? If you want to experience what it was like to live in our time, we are running a family fun day at The Pollyfield Centre in Bideford on Monday 24th October as part of the Way of the Wharves project which aims to discover what life was like along Bideford Quay in the past. Mingle with Sir Francis, friend to John Davie, Bideford tobacco merchant. Try on our armour, dress as we do or play with the toys of the time. Would you cope as a Tudor housewife? Just how heavy is that bucket of water, how difficult is it to card wool, or to churn butter? The Parliamentarians are building Chudleigh Fort, come and train as a pikeman and help to defend the town – we will not ask questions about which side you be on. Take part in our craft activities. Plague is threatening Bideford, you may see rats and plague masks. Do you know what food we would have eaten or how we ‘cure’ you when you are ill? Master Christopher will be available for consultations. If the weather is fine Master Christopher will even be shooting people. This is truly a day for all age groups.

Please sign up with expressions of interest, don’t miss out! You can also visit the event page on Facebook.

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