Five go Wild in Bideford

Five Swords and Spindlers were on hand to introduce the good folk of Bideford to their way of life yesterday. Mistress Mary performed the makeovers, seventeenth century style, whilst Sir Francis advised on the wearing of armour and sword etiquette. There were tense matches of Nine Men’s Morris, whilst Mistress Abigail spoke of food and drink. Meanwhile, Master Christopher removed troublesome mumblepins on demand. He was also observed inspecting the urine of good folk to diagnose their ills.

Mistress Agnes was in charge of crafting plague rats and masks, ably assisted by Mistress Abigail, who did also most thoughtfully ply the team with beverages. Those who crossed our threshold seemed most entertained by our activities. We thank all those who joined in, some traveling across moor and mountain (well moor anyway) in their horseless carriages to be with us. Thanks too to Bideford Bay Creatives, specifically the Way of the Wharves project for their support.

Swords and Spindles are available to attend Heritage Days and Fairs and would be pleased to stage a similar family fun day in a town near you.

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