Our Rat and other Media Stars

Rat 2It is official, our rat is a media star. Our rat, along with other pieces of kit, have been residing away from home for a few days; we hope that said rat has behaved itself and has not spread pestilence far and wide. We now feature as ‘props and wardrobe’ on an amazingly atmospheric piece of film by Matt of Artaura Productions. The finished product is under wraps at the moment but we hope to be able to bring you a link soon. It is worth the wait, we promise.

There’s no escape from the folk of Swords and Spindles when you turn on that wonderous invention of which we know naught, the television. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted Master Christopher in his twenty-first century guise on your screens recently, greeting Mistress Prunella and Master Timothy on their Great Canal Journey. There is still just time to view this on catch up – his moment of glory is in the last ten minutes of the Bristol and North Devon episode. Then, just when you thought it was safe, who should appear but Mistress Agnes on repeat in Who Do You Think You Are? on Yesterday Channel. What next for our stars of stage and screen? Well, the rat is available for autographs, he is the only one that can write.

The folk of Swords and Spindles, their rats and other props, are available for those who wish to steal our souls and immortalise us on screens large and small.

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