Sir Francis Raises a Glass


Well, in truth, Sir Francis is raising a new, stylish pewter tankard full of fortified wine, malmsey or sack mayhap. We know, ’twill play havoc with his gout but will he be told? Mistress Mary is standing by with the cuckoo pint and hot ox dung, nothing like a good dollop of ox dung for the gout.

Other newly acquired drinking vessels include slightly less impressive horn beakers. These are for the likes of Master Christoper, who knows his place. He will be supping ale of course, brewed by Mistress Agnes’ fair hands.

When not imbibing, Sir Francis has been regaling young folk with tales of his good friend Samuel Peyps and the conflagration that we hear tell hath taken place in London town. So small persons have donned seventeenth century costume, played with the toys of our time and been whisked back to the era that we know best. ’Tis always a pleasure to wave our time-traveling wand in this way.

For those who do wish to learn more of the food and drink of our time, or indeed of the Great Fire of London, there be links to further information elsewhere on our website.

Swords and Spindles offer presentations on the food and drink of their time. Sir Francis’ attempts to put out the Great Fire of London are not to be missed.

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