Swords and Spindles Hither and Yon

Car magnet.JPGOver the next couple of weeks we will be round and about entertaining folk from various shires. Last week and this we are in Somerset, Dorset and all corners of Devon. Next week it will be Yorkshire, the great metropolis of London and back to Devon. Our audiences have been regaled with accounts of crime, of punishment, of witchcraft, of the culinary arts, as well as general tales of our time. In preparation for our travels, Master Christopher has been sharpening his knives and renewing his supply of leeches. Mistress Agnes is packing manchet bread, marchpanes and a flagon or two of best ale. Do our prospective audiences know what they be in for? We think not.

Swords and Spindles deliver interactive presentations about life in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to any who will cross their palms with sufficient groats. Distance be no object, as long as we do have enough hay to feed the horses. We are already taking bookings for 2018, so do get in touch promptly to avoid disappointment.

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