Swords and Spindles in the land of the New Zeas

!cid_8BB0B30A-7501-4E5C-B486-E2FCAD3D036B@lanWell, the news is out. In June next year Mistress Agnes and Master Christopher will be wending their way to the land of the New Zeas. They do have a problem with this because in their time, this land is unknown to the folk of Darkest Devon. The old Zea Land be far enough and wet and flat they hear. How will they find their way to this mysterious New Zea Land? How long will it take the horses to traverse mountain and moor? There’s a rumour that they need to cross the high seas. Mistress Agnes is searching her herbal for a cure for seasickness. Master Christopher is preparing to accost excise men in the interests of getting clyster and head saw into this strange land. As barber surgeon on a voyage or two he at least is used to a life on the waves. Do we believe these new fangled scientists who tell us that the earth be round – ’tis a strange notion. If the world be flat, will our intrepid pair fall off the edge? ’Tis a pity they cannot fly like the birds of the air. Folk flying, what a ridiculous concept.


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