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Life in our Times

General Information

Proofs for John Speed’s County Maps – the finished copies of which were published in 1611-12 available for download from Cambridge University’s digital library

Life in the C16th

On the Tudor Trail

The Elizabethan Era

The Jacobean Era

The Tudors

The Diary of Samuel Pepys

BBC History Civil War and Revolution

English Civil War Living History Resources

Civil War Petitions

The Levellers’ Association

Color Our Collections freely downloadable images from worldwide museum collections – useful for educators to create displays or worksheets, as well as for colouring in.

The Great Fire of London

An Account of the Fire

Key Facts about the Great Fire

The Farriner Family

Where did the Great Fire Really Start?

Buildings Lost in the Great Fire

Great Fire Teacher Resources

Samuel Pepys on the Great Fire

Teacher Resources from The National Archives

The Diary of John Evelyn


Shakespeare Resources

Shakespeare on Tour 2016

Shakespeare News

The Gunpowder Plot

The Gunpowder Plot

The Gunpowder Plot Society

The Medieval Period (before our time we know but interesting nonetheless)

Medieval Histories

Homes and Housework

Old and Interesting – a history of domestic paraphernalia

The Many-Headed Monster – a collaborative blog about the social and cultural history of the early modern period

Women’s Work in Rural England 1500-1700

Food and Drink

A Forme of Cury – recipes from 1390 onwards

Food Timeline – a timeline of when various foods were introduced, with links to additional information

C17th English Recipes

The Recipes Project includes many recipes for medicines

Tudor Cookery

Stuart Cookery

Sixteenth Century Food

Seventeenth Century Food


Elizabethan Costume

The 1642 Tailor

Spinning on a Drop Spindle

The Linen Making Process

Mid-seventeenth century clothing

Crime and Punishment

The Country Justice – quotations from Michael Dalton’s guide for C16th and C17th Justices of the Peace for a full transcription

Old Bailey Online – indexed proceedings of the Old Bailey 1674-1913. This site also includes an article on punishments

A Brief History of Punishments – a description of various historical punishments


Essex Witch Trials – although this site is ostensibly about the Essex witch trials, it contains a great deal of general information including details of the witchcraft acts and a long list of those tried by witchcraft all over England

The Salem Witch Trials

Scottish Witchcraft Database


The Casebooks Project – a digital edition of Simon Forman’s & Richard Napier’s medical records 1596–1634

The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice

Discover Medical London

Inside the Body of Henry VIII (Video)

Thomas Morris – a blog about the history of medicine and unusual cures

Theodore de Mayerne – physician

The text of John Woodall’s The Surgeon’s Mate

Guildhall Library’s Online Great Plague exhibition

Download options for Culpeper’s Complete Herbal

The Art of Distillation – extract from John French’s Art of Distillation 1653


Seventeenth Century Dances

Tudor Games


Coinage in the seventeenth century, together with a list of items recommended for emigrants and their costs.


The Merchant Fleet of Late Medieval and Tudor England

The Great Migration

A list of recommended items for seventeenth century emigrants, together with their prices under Costings for Emigrants – also other useful resources.

Mayflower Resources


How to read Tudor and Stuart Handwriting

Places to Visit

Poundstock Gildhouse, Cornwall

National Civil War Centre, Newark

One Small Candle – Plymouth Mayflower 400

Plimoth Plantation

Little Woodham Village, Gosport

Suppliers and other Friends

Jo Rutherford Photography

Jeanne Perrett art work

Artaura Productions

Letters of Marque

BA Blades

Medieval Weaponry

Ford Militaria

Blades and Bows

Hobgoblin Music

TTS Group Ltd.

MacGregor Historic Games

Historical Folk Toys