Our Presentations

All our presentations are delivered by costumed characters, using appropriate artefacts and props. We work with our audience and active participation is encouraged! We cover many topics from Reformation to Restoration. If you do not see exactly what you require below, please enquire, as our activities are tailored to suit the client and can be adapted for all ages groups. Topics include:-

Barber Surgery of the Seventeenth Century

The History of Crime and Punishment

What not to Wear in the Sixteenth or Seventeenth Century

The Tudor/Stuart Housewife

Witchcraft and Witchfinding

Life Beyond the Mayflower (the social history of the period 1619-1682) from August 2020

The Great Fire of London

Life in Shakespeare’s England

The Elizabethan and/or Restoration Theatre

Plague and Pestilence

Rich and Poor

Ships and Seamen

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

The Weaponry of the English Civil War – with musket firing by arrangement

The Tudor Herb Garden

The English Civil War in south-west England

Revision sessions for GCSE History of Medicine, Elizabethan England or Restoration England

Background sessions for those studying Shakespeare or Restoration drama

Sessions suitable to accompany KS1 or KS2 topics including ‘Fire’, ‘Toys’, ‘Water’, ‘Clothes’, ‘Food’, ‘Homes’, ‘Conflict’ and  ‘Health’.

Out of costume, our presenters also work with schools and youth groups on local and family history topics.

Individual members of our staff also offer a range of other presentations, suitable for history societies or social groups.

Some testimonials can be found here.


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