Films, DVDs and Games (electronic and traditional)

Please note that we have done our best to suggest products whose content we believe would be acceptable to most parents and educators. People’s idea of suitability varies, so, if you have any concerns, we suggest that you check for yourselves. Please tell us if you feel that anything that we have included should be removed.

Please note that the ages should be treated as being a very rough guide only.

We welcome suggestions of further items that we could add to this list.


NB few of these were intended specifically for children. Some of the films have more than one version and the classifications (recommended ages) may differ.

Anne of the 1000 Days (Anne Boleyn’s story)
Bill (A story of William Shakespeare PG)
A Man for all Seasons (Sir Thomas More PG)
The Other Boleyn Girl (Henry VIII’s relationship with Mary Boleyn)
The Witch (1630s America age 15+)
Witchfinder General (Matthew Hopkins’ witch persecutions in Manningtree age 15+)

The Great Fire: London Burns an hour by hour account, recommended for GCSE and A level students studying this period

Card and Board Games

Here I Stand: wars of the Reformation (1500s age 12+)
Kingmaker (1500s 12+)
Maya (loosely 1500s age 9+)
Age of Discovery (1500s & 1600s age 10+)
Salem (1692 age 12+)
Age of Renaissance (1600s age 12+)
Chrononaunts board game (US history age 11+)
Professor Noggin’s Explorers card game (age 7+)
The Play’s the Thing (1603 age 12+)

Computer Games

English Civil War

The Gunpowder Plot Quiz A web based quiz for KS2.

Museum of London Great Fire online game.

Great Fire Minecraft

Spanish Armada Walk the Plank online game.

Drakes and Ladders Elizabethan England GCSE revision game.

Explorers Interactive Games and other Activities

Salem is a web based game about the 17th century witch trials. It has graphics that might suggest its suitability for younger players but the small print mentions ‘mature content’.