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We provide a number of links and resources for the benefit of the schools that we work with and for all who want to know more about the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Of course, we think that the best way to find out more about our times is to engage us to perform, or buy a copy of our book, Coffers, Clysters, Comfey and Coifs: the lives of our seventeenth century ancestors, which contains extensive lists that suggest further reading and useful websites. We also post links to articles and relevant websites on our Facebook page.

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Parents and educators may also be interested in a booklet by Janet Few, aka Swords and Spindles’ ‘Mistress Agnes’, which contains many suggestions for inspiring young people of all ages with a love of history, family history and heritage. Harnessing the Facebook Generation: ideas for involving young people in family history and heritage is available from the publishers or as an ebook. Canadian readers may purchase it directly here. In addition, it will shortly available via this UK outlet.

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