What People are Saying about Us – Some Testimonials

‘Swords and Spindles definitely added to the event. I think you looked like you could have done with a larger space – what with all the things you brought along too. Thanks to your team for coming along and all that they did – I think that living historians are an invaluable asset to a family history show.’ (Show director Family Tree Live – Alexandra Palace)

‘Many thanks to your team for a great day yesterday; the youngsters have given nothing but positive feedback.’

‘Just wanted to say a big thank you for your fantastic visit last week. The children really enjoyed it and have been using lots of the things that they learnt in class.’

‘Thanks for a wonderful day again. It amazes me how you much you engage their interest for so long! I wish I could do that.’

‘Thanks so much for a brilliant day yesterday. The students really enjoyed the whole experience.’

‘Thank you both for an absolutely fantastic evening on Thursday when you visited to talk about the civil war. You hit just the right balance between informative and entertaining to give us all a really memorable event.’

‘I have had a lot of feedback from the members present and all thoroughly enjoyed the evening – seeing **** on the table about to be introduced to the clyster seems to have been a particular favourite for some reason!’

‘Absolutely fascinating, very informative. The best exhibits that I have seen at a course. Time stood still!!’

‘A big THANK YOU to you both, for providing such a great start to the day’s proceedings. Your unique and professional presentation proved very popular and set the tone for a day that was enjoyed by all. Our feedback forms confirm both these statements!’

‘Thank you so much for your talk last night to our Local History Society. Though we were attentive and spellbound during it, there was a definite buzz afterwards. You have a distinctive way of bringing the past to light, much appreciated!’

‘Thank you so much for your most interesting and amusing talk on Thursday. Several members came up to me and said they wished more talks were as good as that!’

‘A well researched and stimulating talk, one much appreciated by all.’

‘We will be talking about your entertainment/education and professional delivery for a long time.’

‘Thank you very much for such a fascinating and entertaining talk about ‘your’ life in the seventeenth century. It was one of the best talks we have ever had.’

‘An evening with Master Christopher, a 17th century barber surgeon, was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. They had everyone laughing and several people volunteered to be treated by Master Christopher.’

‘I think I can say that you opened their eyes and delighted their ears! We would like to engage your services again.’

‘Thank you so much for such a marvellous and interesting day.’

‘An outstanding experience in time travel, not to be missed. I thank Mistress Agnes and Mistress Mary for attiring me in the appropriate garb for 1646, and Master Christopher for his wondrous skills as a barber surgeon upon others of our group, yesterday. Do continue with the excellent work in bringing our history to life.’

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